Saturday, June 8, 2013


On Monday I decided to make some chocchip biscuits, the recipe I used was my mom's and apparently she got the recipe from my Aunty Lolly (Loraine) they are divine, but, being me the emellisher I had to go just a smidge further, where the recipe called for 300g of chochips i put in 100g of each dark, milk and white chocolate chips, and then it also calls for 300g peacan nuts yummmm....

Looking into this bowl of choc chip heaven, I was faced with a rather interesting question, do I make this particular recipe for the actual biscuits at the end or for the mixture?  Come on you have to admit, there is nothing quite like cookie dough, it kindof transports you to your childhood in a single taste, its that absolute forbidden taste - if you were caught pinching dough from the bowl before mom was finished baking, the pleasure of having waited, watching each ingredient being added, salivating, waiting, maybe catching a choc chip that jumped out the bowl when mom turned on the mixer, but that waiting until the moment when your mom handed over the bowl and it was YOURS!!!

I love cookie dough and if it has choc chips in - then all the better!  My DH and kids love to lick the cake mixture bowl, i don't, so when it comes to cookie dough everyone is vying for their blob, this makes me wonder ...... why bother baking the cookies at all?


 I think I bake them because, oh my word there is nothing nicer than a delicious choc chip cookie that is crispy on the outside and has a slightly gooey center, this with a coffee ...... bliss!

There is also the plus that they make great bribes for three year old and lunch box treats for teens and tweens.


  1. Those cookies look divine! Yum, I may have to make cookie today. Might as well, it's raining here again!

    1. Cookies are food for the soul, nothing like a cookie to cheer you on a rainy day :)
      Thanks for the visit and the comment *hugs*