Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Creative Creations Challenges - Early Christmas


Christmas is coming .. its coming and those of you who know me will know that its my all time favourite time of the year, Christmas is like a hobby, an obsession ooooh I am just SO excited!!!!

That explained you will understand my absolute delight when I was given this image to do  for a challenge on Creative Creations Challenges my first Christmas crafting for 2013, it has really inspired me to start some other crafts now too, I need to fix up and add some additions to my advent calendar, I bought a 1:12 Christmas cupboard which I want to do a room in and a couple of quilts and other sewing projects.  Some X-stitch decorations and a couple of secret projects (those being all the UFO's i have from all the passed Christmas's shshshsh)

So here is my Christmas candle card, I (of cos) coloured it with copics, and then put it onto the stunning new Kaiser craft a Christmas paper.

Christmas Candle for Creative Creations Challenges

I am really embarrassed about one little feature on this card, no laughing now guys!! Have a look at the "joy" tag .... could I have stuck it any lopsided? Oh my word this card making business is tricky! The rest I am very happy with it was a challenge trying to get the curves and the shadows of the holly leaves, but i do like them.

As always if you have any comments or suggestions please share or if you require more info about this or any other project I will happily share.  Thank you so much for visiting!! 

Till next time, Keep it crafty!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Greetings and L'shana Tova Umetuka to all my Jewish Family and friends.

This here will be the Rosh Hashanah issue lol I have been as crafty as my bug would let me be, somewhere in the haze of last week I managed to put together the following creations.  I have my amazing husband to thank for the Apple and Honey picture above - his work rocks! 

Mel's Food table decor - absolutely stunning!!

I felt extremely privileged to be asked by my MIL to make some name place cards for the Yom Tov table.  MIL always does everything so beautifully, from the table decor to the food and everything is always perfect and it is such a treat going to her for dinner.  I must admit that I did feel a little scared of creating things for her table, I hoped they would measure up to her high standards.  This is how they turned out and I got to use my Top Notes die from Stampin' Up again (any excuse) - 

Name Place Cards with apples, name and a Rosh Hashanah symbol

I was also really honoured to be asked to take a fruit salad, now you must understand, this would be the first EVER thing I have been asked to take to MIL for any meal whatsoever. I have been waiting years for this privilage as I don't keep a kosher kitchen.  Clean, germ and yuk free but not kosher :( 

I am also not really a fruit salad person, I dont eat it and I don't make it for my family.  I will cut up fruit for a platter but it will usually just be one fruit.  I had been asked by one of my MIL's friends to make a fruit salad before but i worried as it looked insipid and more like  a really lumpy soup!  So now i was out of my depths having to make a fruit salad that would have a place on the food table among my MIL's amazing food creations.  

Choosing fruit at this time of the year is also not all that fun - it is somewhat limited!  Anyway I chose the fruits, got to work and this is how my fruit salad turned out - not too bad, infact I was rather impressed and got some really lovely comments from the other guests.  (It also tasted pretty good too - yes I ate fruit salad)

My amazing fruit salad
AND then ofcos no occasion would be complete in my life with out a card, a while back I did bekka with a challah for a friday nigh dinner and this is one of Mo Manning's other Jewish designs he is called Ari with Shofar, I loved colouring him and infact Ben did one too.  They are available from mosdigitalpencil.com

So above are my and Ben's pictures coloured and then we both put them onto a card :) I loved colouring him and he just looked so soft and huggable when I was done :) Yes I coloured him with copics!

As always if you have got this far I thank you so much for reading my post and looking at my pictures, if you have any comments or suggestions they are always welcome and appreciated.  if you would like more info on any of my projects you saw here, I am only too happy to share :)

Till next time,  keep it  Crafty