Monday, October 25, 2010

Mini Christmas Cake Challenge

Greetings Cake Decorators

All the other groups on here hold regular challenges, and just because we can eat our creations I don't see why we can't have a challenge too.

With Christmas / Hanukkah  on the way I thought it would be a great time for us to take part in a little themed challenge,  I really look forward to everyone joining in!!  Should you need any help or advice along the way I will do my best to provide you with it, or if I cant I will find someone who can.

Title: Mini Christmas/Hannukkah Cake
Due: Tuesday 30 November 2010
Open to: - Cake Decorating Group Members and my blog members followers
1. The cake must be a fruit cake.
2. The cake must be covered in marzipan and then plastic icing.
3. All decor on the cake must be edible.
4. The cake must measure 6cm in diameter for round, and 6x6cm for square.
5. The cake can be as high/tall as you like (but should you be required to,you must be able to post it should you not be able to deliver it. Shouldn't happen but just incase.)

I think that's all, I am working on a sponsor of a prize and will let you know shortly, it will be related to cake decorating.  Anyone who enters and has followed the above conditions is illegible for the prize which will be drawn randomly from the entries received.

Lots of luck!!!

Will you be taking part?

Love Col

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What . . . . . Its October?!?!?

Oh my word - I have been so busy, yes you guessed it another new hobby!  This one is VERY time consuming it is challenges, i seem to have made my lastest hobby looking for challenges to join - after all it is a pretty good excuse as to why I HAVE to craft and why it HAS to be done then. . . And then ontop of that if I can't find a suitable challenge (is it still a challenge if you don't do it cos its not suitable and is it a a challenge if you select only the suitable ones? *ponder*) I go about creating my own, where you ask, mostly on in2crafts, my favourite playground of late!  

I just completed two challenges there, one was mine for the Card Making Group's October - Happy Halloween Pumpkin and the other was held by Theresa Gerber and it was for the Scrapbooking group - called Books.
Here are my submissions for both :)

Its not at all surprising that I did paper piecing on both :) When I have to do any sort of paper craft I will automatically choose piecing !!

I am off to check out a new challenge that was posted by Mel on in2crafts and see what this 13year old dahling requires from me - Ill keep you posted . . . WATCH THIS SPACE :)

Keep it creative