Friday, August 6, 2010

The First - My Hadeda Cake

Greetings, Thank you for taking the time to read my first ever blog entry!  I was faced with a real creative cake challenge and decided that it was a good enough story to start my blog with.

So here goes . . . I was asked by a customer to design a cake that incorporated all of his daughters favourite things: Hadedas, hair, butterflies, cats, hearts, teletubbies, labels & bunnies. 
He gave lots of notice - which to me was just more time to stress and procrastinate. Then it came to the last couple of days before collection, I had no time left to stress or procrastinate, i HAD to do it!! 

So i started with the Hadeda I didn't have a mold (or a clue really) so had to do this one out my head.  It turned out quiet well!
The 100% edible Hadeda
Once the bird was done I moved onto the teletubbies, the kitties, the bunnies, the hearts and the butterflies.  they all looked really cute - the kitties looked real :) 

The CUTEST 100% edible Kittens

So I had all the little bits and pieces now except the hair and the labels. Oh yay. . . more time to procrastinate! so i sat back had a much needed cappuccino and it worked like a charm, because - the light bulb went on!! And the whole cake fell into place :)  I did a little girl with LONG hair, playing with the kitties, and decided to make the labels out of rice paper!  DONE and sorted.  

What seemed like a very strange cake turned out to be quiet cute, it was a little garden scene with all the creatures around, with the labels on the 4 sides of the cake. 

The Completed Cake
 I really enjoyed the challenge of this cake and look forward to more :) In the mean time I have to finish sorting out my craft area and finish my daughters birthday present, her birthday WAS on the 14th June!!

Till next time keep it creative!

Luv Col