Saturday, October 23, 2010

What . . . . . Its October?!?!?

Oh my word - I have been so busy, yes you guessed it another new hobby!  This one is VERY time consuming it is challenges, i seem to have made my lastest hobby looking for challenges to join - after all it is a pretty good excuse as to why I HAVE to craft and why it HAS to be done then. . . And then ontop of that if I can't find a suitable challenge (is it still a challenge if you don't do it cos its not suitable and is it a a challenge if you select only the suitable ones? *ponder*) I go about creating my own, where you ask, mostly on in2crafts, my favourite playground of late!  

I just completed two challenges there, one was mine for the Card Making Group's October - Happy Halloween Pumpkin and the other was held by Theresa Gerber and it was for the Scrapbooking group - called Books.
Here are my submissions for both :)

Its not at all surprising that I did paper piecing on both :) When I have to do any sort of paper craft I will automatically choose piecing !!

I am off to check out a new challenge that was posted by Mel on in2crafts and see what this 13year old dahling requires from me - Ill keep you posted . . . WATCH THIS SPACE :)

Keep it creative


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