Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Hobby

Greetings Folks

Can you believe I have even more to say - its been a pretty busy time for me the last couple of months so when I get the chance I add my next post imagine if I had enough time to post on the actual day of the event LOL LOL LOL.

A while ago my hubby informed me that he had finally figured out what my hobby is - I don't know why it took him this long as a leave clues ALL over the house, the dining room table, the bedroom (infact yesterday he asked why I had an eyelet setting tool in my car - to which I replied - you never know when you might need to set an eyelet - really I lent it to someone and they returned it and i just forgot it in the car but  . . . you never know)  as I was saying my hubby took great pleasure in informing me what my hobby was. . . I collect hobbies!!  This is true - very expensive but none the less true - it is also the only explanation I have for taking on and having such a passion about the many things I do!  This leads me to the introduction of my latest hobby, addiction, love!!!  Mini miniature building - and as usual it comes with a long story:
Last month I went to the miniature fair in Parkhurst this is where a number of miniature enthusiats get together to show, sell and buy miniatures and dolls house accessories. I was as usual wowed by all the "little things" I do have a special place in my heart for them - I don't have a dolls house but I do collect miniatures (and other little treasures - not necessary to scale)  I think my love of little things stems from my love of fairies, and fairies being little would use mostly little things so i actually collect fairy furnishings, crockery and decor as apposed to just miniatures.

After browsing all the beautiful things for a while and being completely blown away by the Christmas shops and cottages - my daughter and I happened apon a stall with cross stitched pillows 1/12th!  oh my word they were cute (we bought a couple and my daughter got her usual cute kid discount) - and THEN also at this stall were kits to make miniatures for a dolls house - UM NO. . . .  I don't think you get it - let me explain! Ok you have a dolls house, with a lounge in it, and then you decide hmmm I would like a dolls house . .  IN MY DOLLS HOUSE the scale we are now talking about would be not a 12th but a 144th. 

So being me I thought hmm . . .  I can do this - (keeping in mind I have never even built a 12th scale piece) so my daughter and I settled on the cutest little garden room, the rest is history - i am so unbelievable ADDICTED to this craft it is amazing and I can't seem to stop, we went back to the fair the next day and bought 3 more kits and this afternoon I will be ordering more by post. They truly are amazing. Thank you Erna for my latest hobby :)

The 1/144th garden room box

the 1/144th Lounge room box

 So if you have the guts to, maybe you would like try one of these little rooms and send me a pic - you can also join the miniatures group on in2crafts and share there.  My next big little thing will be designing a kind of cupboard house to keep all these little rooms in.

Keep it creative

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