Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On my soap Box


As per usual I have an awful lot to say - and have not been blogging regularly so have even more to share!  If you make it to the end I thank you :)

2nd August - Scrapping with mom!
Today I went to a Scrap Class with my mom - it was hosted by one of my mom's scrap paper suppliers, it was most inspiring - which is, I think what the whole point was.  The morning started off with a delicious breakfast and then we got given a jam packed kit filled with delightful treasures that we were going to use to make our double layout.  I was ready .... I listened to the teacher with both ears and . . . .. well I got it wrong :( The very first instruction I misunderstood - I was so scared that I had messed up my paper, when the teacher came round she tried to put me at ease - with no luck. 

I felt terrible! And this leads me to my point.  I am always on the other side in a lesson or class, I am always the teacher.  There are very few opportunities I have to attend a class.  So often in my classes ladies make a mistake and/or cut a piece of paper skew and I don't have any problem at all but they always seem to feel so bad, even sad, I have not understood why because I like to think I am patient with all the people in my classes.  That was until I was in a class, I understood 100% the teacher was a sweet and kind and helped me out but I still felt awful.  Almost unappreciative of her class. 

I did go on to create (with her help) a stunning double layout and I was most impressed with the kit, the class, the company and the food was DIVINE!! - Thanks Cathy what a fantastic morning! 

I did however make a mental note to myself to try and prevent people feeling like crap when they do something wrong and I think the only way to do this would be to explain the task VERY slowly and clearly and not to begin until they are certain they know what they need to do - HUH don't I do that anyway?!?

I think I will continue with my other stories in a new blog - look out for that  :)

Luv Col


  1. "I think I will continue with my other stories in a new blog - look out for that"

    hahaha, look who has been bitten by the Blogging Bug.

    Seriously though, lovely content and very interesting. I will be happy to continue reading your stuff.

    Well done.

  2. Al, sorry for you - yes I have been bitten by the blog-bug but the lingo is still a little new to me - what I meant was a new post rather not a new blog! But thanks for the support (and the red wine) ;)