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I have been colouring up a copic storm of late, I still don't know where lots of my stash is, buried somewhere in boxes in the garage, I find bits and pieces now and then and its like Christmas with each thing I find!  So copics are easy, they are all in an Art Bin suitcase (with no magnetic sheets) and I can print out what I need and pop them in the case, I can colour in the car, I can colour in the dining room, in front of the TV, or even in bed ;) a thought just popped in my head ... couild Copic also be a verb for eg. "do you Copic in bed?" hmmm interesting ... back on track now- so for the few competitions and challenges I have entered recently I have used a coloured image on a different background. 

So I will share a couple of my pics and cards with you, I have so enjoyed playing with these fabulous pens but as you will no doubtly see I still have a very far way to go, lots to learn!!  I have put my name down for a colouring class with Copic Australia but as yet they havn't got back to me, so what you are about to see is my self taught attempt at Colouring with Copics.

 This cute little Koala is an image I got from Digital Delights by Louby Loo and it is called  Ice cream Roxy it is such a cute little bear, it was for a challenge on the outlawz and the theme was ice cream.  I really liked how the sand cam out i just tore a piece of scrap card and it worked so well, as luck would have it if i tried that again on purpose i probably couldn't do it again ....

 This card is one I made for my nephew in South Africa who loves his soccer, I did a step card with the player upfront and the net on the third step it didn't work out exactly as I had envisioned it but I liked it none the less! I 3D'd the right boot and the ball with foam squares,  I got the image off the internet it was a colouring page that i found.

This one is a Penny Black image it is so beautiful as it so clearly depicts the love between a girl and her dad! I really like the way I did his denims I was a little nervous to try a denim but  really like the way it turned out, now I have to work on taking better photos lol.  This one was for a challenge that Copic Aus was hosting for the koala Kids with cancer foundation where they donated $10 for each card they received in for the challenge to the foundation, as well as all the cards that were entered had to be get well cards and they too werte given to the children.  A totally worthwhile attempt at an amazing prize - that I didn't win :( 75 Copics to the winner OMG I would still be celebrating :)

This cuty was also made for the Copic challenge, it is also a Penny Black called up up and away, I love this image she and the little bear are too cute for words.  I coloured her in very pastel shades and did my best to make her look a little vintage, I know the photo doesn't capture it that well.

 This one is Dr Marci from La La Land Crafts, she is a cutie but not one of my absolute favourites, she doesn't have that cupi (sp) doll look, or those precious Mabel Lucie Atwell qualities that I seem to be so fond of - and apparently have been since I was a little child.  But she is cute and I love all the different Marci characters so there may be a couple more in the future :)

This is one of my favourite digi's and sadly the blog I got it off no longer exsists, I  I think if I not mistaken it was called something like I wish I knew what had happened because then I could credit these lovely images, If anyone knows any more details, please share!  She has such a sweet darling little face and the lines in the drawing are so fine, its a really lovely artist and very easy to colour, I also made this card for the copic challenge.

This nooni (colleen for cute) little fairy is a Penny Black, I love fairy's and think I will always.  There is something so playful and innocent about them and it is for that reason that I find fairy's such a sweet escape.  This cute little lady is from the Fairy sweet collection, her friends in the collection are just as nooni :)

This card is not coloured but it handmade and for those of you who are not fluent in reading hebrew, it says Shabbat Shalom, I made it for friends we went to for Friday night supper, the little candles are symbolic, but the rest of the card was just pretty :) I made an easle card and decorated the bottom with a simple rose and left space for the message.  It was really well received.

If you have managed to get to here I thank you for taking this time to read this long post, and look at what keeps me busy - sometimes during the day but mostly during the night LOL. I will dedicate a post to my night crafting soon as its a rather lot I have to say! 

If you have any questions or comments about my work I would be only to happy reply.  

Till next time Keep it Crafty 

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