Saturday, June 8, 2013


I almost fainted when I saw the date that I last posted, omg its like two years ago - wow I have been really busy - obviously not with my blog ;P

I do however intend to change that and do hope to make more regular posts as the title of my blog IS a creative DAY in the life of col, and not a creative post in the lif of col.

So just to get you up to speed, I have since my last post immigrated with my hubby and family to Melbourne in Australia, I miss my mom terribly and wish to have her here with me, I also miss Evelyn and my little boy Jo, more than I have words to express. Look at this darling ...

A huge piece of my heart got left behind in South Africa with this little man.  I also miss my garden, my garden here in Oz is about a 1/4 of the size of my old garden and very uniform, cirtainly not the wild country garden I grew with 10 years of love, dedication and bounceback in SA.

Our new house is beautiful, each of the kids has their own room and I am pleased to report this has put a much welcomed end to the teen and tween fighting. We also have a walk in cupboard in our room which is wonderful, other treats in the house are a lovely hidden laundry. I also have this fabulous grass, it is astro turf type stuff but looks so natural, I was really anti in the beginning because, my main garden aim was keeping the grass green and weed free, now it is just that with no work .... Getting used to it!

Also getting used to this foreign thing they call housework, not my favourite but has to be done, and being me it has to be done perfectly, which does take some time and energy, but I am getting used to it and it is becoming more normal, I have gotten into a couple of good routines and nearly everything has a place!

Not working - but still having to do all the housework and mom stuff leaves some time for crafts, I try to do at the very least one project a week, I enjoy it, its my thing and I need to not loose what I learn.

So, now that I have brought you up to date, I will post a couple of the interesting activities I have been up to lately.

Luv Col

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