Saturday, June 22, 2013

Greetings Friends

I just thru my eleven year old a Grease party, she is so hooked on the movie she watches it at least once a week usually twice or three times.  I loved this movie a child and even as an adult it has to still be one of my favourite movies! It is a true classic!!

Being me, as I do, I had to turn it into an occasion to craft - Firstly I designed some invites not too fancy and then just 3D'd the logo below onto the front of the invite, I was not sure what the party / invite protocall is here in Oz as it is my first party :) I received some really lovely comments back from some of the moms about the invites so at least I was on the right track ....

 Next came the cake and the decorations, it is absolutely amazing what you can find on the internet and what you can find in every state except the one you live in, I found a lovely party shop online that happened to be in Brisbane, but with a while to go till the party I took a chance and ordered some really amazing Grease theme decor from them - their prices were the best in fact FAR cheaper than anyone else i found and the service was good too - if you are looking for party supplies you need to visit OzPartyShop

We hired a couple of costumes - not too many just a jacket for bad sandy and then good sandy's cheerleader outfit. We went to costume world for these and that was also a good experience - just remember to take a credit card, and your drivers license with!

Bad Sandy Good Sandy and Dani Zuko in the middle.
Bad Sandy all dressed and Dani Zuko in PJ's.

The prettiest Good Sandy and the party decorations.

Next I had to make a card for the birthday girl, keeping with the grease theme I made her a card, with her favorite scene from Grease - bad sandy at the end.  Singing her best song You're the one that I want! I found the perfect picture at squigglefly I love their stuff and they always have the odd cute digi's for under $1 so when you have done your shopping and want to just round off you can grab a bargain.  These were two separate images Heartthrob Ritchie and Dazzling Sue, They were really fun to colour lots of area to work in, I would like to be able to take credit for the "shine" in her pants and his shoes but I cant :( the awsome patent leather effect is thanks to Glossy Accents.

The coloured images for the card.

Once coloured I cut the images out and stuck them on card that I had pre printed with a random funfair image I found on google.  I really love the effect and i think this has to be one of my favourite cards :) You know that feeling you get when you make a card and it just "works" this is one of those! 

The completed card.

 Then came the cake!! In South Africa I did so many cakes and cookies with edible prints on that I eventually bought my own edible paper and printer, I would have loved to have put some of the images onto the cake that I had used on the invitation, but do you think we could find the edible paper .... NO!  I have the printer, the ink cartridges and a head FULL of ideas, but no paper.  We still have so much to unpack, our garage is still full of, well um ..... my craft stuff ;)  So not being able to print a Grease logo for the cake I had to improvise so I just rolled out a piece of plastic icing, drew the outline of the logo onto it and then coloured it in,  It came out quite well, not as neat as I would have got from the printer, but that wasn't an option.  

Painting the logo with edible paint.

I cut out music notes and records out of icing and made some stars on florists wire, I had about 2.5 hours to make this cake from start to finish and I did it, i kept checking the clock and getting a count down from my DH.  I had thought the stars would be enough on top but when I was done it needed more so I grabbed the teen's little mirror-ball and placed it on top, it finished the cake and looked perfect.  The 11 on top were sparklers and when lit gave a real sparkly effect. A great success!

It was a really fun party and gave me loads of excuses to craft, the girl was spoiled and danced the night away with her friends.   If you ever need help putting a Grease party together and need some help, please shout I now consider myself an expert LOL

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