Thursday, October 10, 2013

Joy Fold Christmas Card

By Colleen Baranov

 You will need:
  • 1 Sheet of card stock (25cm x 15cm) (green)
  • 1 Sheet of card stock in a different colour (10cm x 20cm) (red)
  • Printed Christmas themed paper about 3 different sheets
  • Sentiment or Christmas embellishment
  • Basic tools : Cutting knife or trimmer, craft mat, metal ruler, paper glue, embellishment glue.

Step One

 Cut out the 25 x 15 cm piece from one of the sheets of card, I used a dark green, and score it at 15 cm.  Next cut a 10cm x 20cm piece of card from the other colour (in my case red) and score that down the center at 10cm.

 Step 2

Fold your 2 piece of card on the scored line. Cut out the pieces from the printed paper in the following sizes: A) 14x14cm, B) 9 x 9cm and C) 14 x 9cm.

 Step 3

Open the large card - the small fold should open to the left, paste A (square of printed paper) onto the right hand side of the card and paste B the smaller square of printed paper on the FRONT of the smaller folded card.  NOTE: the smaller card should open (backwards) to the right!

 Step 4
Close the large card and paste the remaining piece C on the outer side of the card.

 Step 5
 Making double sure that the large card opens to the LEFT and the small card opens to the RIGHT, put some glue on the back of the small card and paste it in the center of the INSIDE of the larger card.

 Step 6
  To check that it is correct open both cards, fold the larger one, and then fold the smaller card over the front of the larger card. It should look like the pic above.

Last Step
 Lastly add your own personal sentiment or embellishment to the center of the smaller card, it could be a stamped image, a shaker box, a die or a cut out, the possibilities are endless.

Products used in this project - None sponsored
Treasures card stock pine and red
Kaiser Craft Paper - St Nicholas Collection and Christmas Carol Collection
Tombo Mono multi glue (green glue)

Things to remember:
  1. Make sure you have an envelope to fit your card and if yours is slightly smaller simply adjust the measurements at the top to fit, ie minus 1cm from each measurement.
  2.  If you are posting your card, make sure that the postage will cover the (not standard) size envelope you are using.
  3. Be careful when putting on embellishments, make sure they are not too bulky or fragile or they may be crushed during postage.
  4. A very useful tip is to put on the envelope - "handmade card only -NO VALUE" this will hopefully make it a little less tempting to possible thieves.
  5. Put your name PROUDLY on the back of the card! Regardless of how you rate your creation handmade cards and gifts are appreciated by ALL that count! 

This project can be purchased in a kit form from me at a cost of $7 incl P&P, the Kit will provide all the paper and card that you will need to complete this project as well as a paper sentiment.  It does not include any glues or tools.  You will need to cut to size all your own paper and card.  Please note that each kit's designs will vary from that shown in this project.


 Thank you for getting to this part of the tutorial, if you would like any more info on this or any other project on my blog please dont hesitate to contact me.  Comments, crits, and future tutorial requests welcomed :)

Till next time, keep it crafty

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