Thursday, October 24, 2013

Challenge - Outlawz - Awareness Card - MS


So here today I will proudly display a card that I finally finished late (Due October 17th) , I keep threatening to get my cards in on time and yet they are nothing but empty promises ... This challenge really struck a cord with me because I am such an avid supporter of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Awareness.  Not many people know what this disgusting disease is and some very naive people think it can be cured by taking a holiday or changing your diet!

Well its real and sadly there is NO CURE!! It is destroying lives every day, it steals and robs family members from their families and steals futures out from its victims feet!  So even tho I was too late I decided to make this card anyway.  The ribbon colour for MS awareness is orange so I coloured my card theme orange and I am going to share it with as many as I can.  If you would share it too that would be so great, lets UNCHAIN the ignorance and rumors and start reaching and teaching people the truth about MS!!!

An awesome guy Johann I know from the MSSA group, he runs a project called Unchaining MS is a project to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis, including an annual bike trip. Next trip provisionally between 26 Apr - 10 May 2014. I love the slogan of his organisation and he kindly agreed to let me use it on my card!! If you would like to find out more click UNCHAINING MS to go his website or find him on Facebook

Here is my card I will still post to The Outlawz - October 17th challenge but not for a prize :)

Card made for an AWARENESS Challenge!

I bought this digi from KennyK and the name of this gorgeous image is Viki Lee Vicous I did wonder if she was any relation to Sid ;P 

I dont use orange much when colouring as a choice, I will if I am colouring something that is obviously orange, but given the choice I usually opt out.  So this was a challenge for me but in a good way as I got to make friends with all the oranges in the bunch :) The reason I chose her was that I wanted an image of a girl that couldn't be reconned with and Vikki here was the perfect match ...

I did alot more shading on her hair than you see here, but for some reason it didn't come out when I photoed it, the streaks look really obvious, but I love how unintentionally her hair looks like flames!

Close up of the coloured image

I searched the for a beautiful ribbon back ground paper that I could use but I could only find pink, so I made my own, I have sheets of this paper available in acetate and card and I can also do different coloured awareness ribbons if you like.  Just send me an email here and I can give you more details. I also printed the slogan from Johan on acetate as I had not yet decided which colour I was going to to the background.  

I think it all came together nicely and I really enjoyed making this card!

As always thanks so much for visiting and reading to this point! Your comments (good or bad) are always welcome and very much appreciated.  If you have a query about this or any other project you have seen on my blog please let me know and I will do my best to help you out.

Till Next Time, Keep it crafty,