Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In between the advent calendar


I have been rather quiet of late BUT i have been really busy - hmm what have I been up to . . . I have been running a Christmas craft group each Thursday evening and it has turned out to be a major success, we first made our coke bottle top trees 
Fabric Coke Bottle Top Tree

 They really looked stunning, it was a shock to the girls when I told them we would be sewing - but they were all good sports and happy with the end product!

We have now started with our Wreaths - I completed mine to see what was required before teaching it to the group :) Seriously loving the Christmas Paper Pack!!!

Christmas scrapbook or hanging wreath!

  On a Tuesday night I go to my regular craft group and we have all been making mixed media trees - since we learned this fabulous craft we can't seem to stop!
This is my first one and ofcos its blue one :)
Mixed media Christmas Tree
I have also been busy at work with many orders - this is my latest - its a little duck and daisy cake for a one year old girl :)
number 1 birthday cake
I have al,ost completed my daughters teachers end of year gifts, I am really proud of them but doing 12 is really taking a while and half - yet those FRIKKEN FANTASTIC teachers who have tought my girls this year deserve the world!!!  I can't say what I am making (just in case) so you will have to wait until after Christmas to find out!

Also, squeezed in between my latest obsession (my advent calendar) I have completed and distributed my Christmas Eve dinner invites - this year the theme "A Silver and Red Christmas" The invites are kind of simple but because of their style they had to be PERFECT there was no room for lop sided borders, skew corners or mismatching fonts, so the big stress about these was getting them just right!    I love how they turned out!
Christmas Dinner Invite 2010

I plan to follow the same them thru out the evening with name cards menu etc - yes I might be going all out but its my fav holiday and it is my turn to host Christmas eve dinner this year and I plan to go ALL OUT for my 30 dinner guests!

On the miniature front I have completed an entire house, to go with the little garden room and the lounge (previously posted about) I now boast 4 bedrooms - my girls did their own rooms and I was VERY proud!  The little house has a bathroom and all the goodies that go with it :) I lost the kit - chen I bought months ago and recently found it so that is all that is waiting to go into the house,  I have designed a cover for the house a little hard to explain so I will show you pictures when I receive it ( I am having it custom made to me design specs by a laser cutting genius) so more to follow on the 144ths.

Ok I know you are waiting to hear about the Advent Calendar progress so I will end off this post and start on the next "Advent Calendar - Part 2"

Lots of luv - till next time Keep it Crafty

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