Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Advent Calendar


I have taken on a rather big project - I have been thinking about starting a dolls house asomewhere to collect miniatures, but I was absolutely blown away when I found this advent calendar 

My imagination kind of ran away with me - I decided on the spot this was it and this would be my BIG Cristmas project for the year :)

So I will be blogging on my progress, as this is really going to take some time - and if I don't finish, there is always next Christmas!!

This thing is huge about 50 x 50cm, because the inside bit is 30x30cm, it is supposed to fit a scrapbook page into it - but when have I ever gone with the norm. . . ?So I decided that in this little 30x30x5cmspace I am going to do a 3D 1/12th Christmas scene!

So far I have a beautiful chair, some filigree corners, the little wooden numbers for the drawers, beautiful golden tie backs for the red satin curtains, I have ordered and received - but have yet to make a little 1/12th "pull along wagon of blocks" and a 1/12th kit for a hobby horse, it involves sewing so it have kind of scared me a little as sewing is not one of my strongest talents.  I will have to sew the satin curtains - so . . . 

I have seen a STUNNING little Christmas stocking cross stitch kit (also 1/12th) but the (I-think) 48ct fabric scared the living crap outta me, so I am gonna need LOTS more time to ponder on that one - but its soooo cute! I am really hoping I will find a couple at the miniatures and all things Christmas fair this weekend.

I have settled on a really dark green as the main colour for the drawers and a more olde Christmas feel than a modern one but who knows it may end up being a little bit from olde world meets tomorrow.  We will have to wait and see.

So if you like you can follow my progress - keep the positive motivation coming - I am gonna need it!

Till next time - Keep it crafty!



  1. Oh Col this is DIVINE! I am going to follow your progress very closely. If you need any help with the sewing and cross stitch, maybe I can help. Love Michelle

  2. I look forward to seeing the progress of this!!

  3. Should an advent calendar take exactly 24 days to make?

  4. LOL Allen in this case maybe 24 months :) Rome wasn't built in a day my dear!

    Mich and Mel - update on its way :)