Saturday, August 31, 2013


I know I have been rather quiet for a while its just since DH has started working inter-state that I feel I might go crazy - with him it feels like he has taken half my day lol.  I have been busy doing a craft group at one of my DD's schools they are making polymer clay mosaic mirror's and I also had two really awesome sessions of card making for the schools fathers day stall fundraiser, the girls and I were really productive even with all the laughing :)

I have been sorting out my craft space / area it is so small and in my bedroom at the moment so I am trying to be as compact as possible so as to keep it still looking like a bedroom and not invade DH's space too much ... when it is all neat and tidy and finished being sorted (if that's even possible) I will share some pics with you :)

In the mean time I have been spending every free minute working on another colouring picture, I spoiled myself and bought both the wonderland collections from MAKE IT CRAFTY I adore their stuff and find it so magical to colour :) I have been wanting to do another big image like the steam punk tree house, and decided this should be it :) I will be entering this image for their design team!!  I feel really passionate about Make it crafty ' s amazing digis's and Zoe is a breath of inspiration so please hold all your thumbs, cross your fingers and toes and pray that I get accepted :)

Here is my offering :)

 I used two designs in this image the mad hatter from make it crafty's Mad Hatter digi Stamp - Code: digi-mad-hatter. I plan to colour them all but this guys face, his expression is so often how I feel I look! 
The other image I chose was the mushroom forest digi also by make it crafty :)

I started just with the mushroom stems and some of the vine tendrils as the image was so very busy and i wanted to get some sort of idea where things began and where they ended ...


A little intimidated by the hatter, I decided to tackle the mushrooms first, I did the undersides, the tops of the red ones and some of the grassy areas, 


Next I took on the hatter He needed to be purple and I really wanted his suit to look almost like a crush velvet type fabric so rich dark purples I really like how he came out. This photo for some reason came out absolutely amazing while the next one of the completed design wasn't as nice a photo.  Where is DH with his super camera and photo taking skills when you need him  .....

I decided to be daring and try my hand at some clouds and I am very happy with the way they turned out!! Over all i loved colouring this picture ... it is going into a frame for sure as it is an A4 size.  I also used express-it blending card for the first time and am really happy with the result!

As always your comments and critiques are most welcome,  wish me luck ......

Till next time keep it crafty