Thursday, July 11, 2013


I wanted to share one of my latest cards with you. I made it for my mom inlaw who is so special and has us over for dinner every Friday night and insists we don't do or bring anything.  The thing is that there are 5 of us (DH and three kids) so I always feel that when ever we go to someone for a meal we ARRIVE!!! My inlaws live on their own and make no mess so to have ALL of us over for a meal EVERY Friday is quite amazing!

What is more is that it is not just Friday food - no one pot wonders, no fish n chips, there is always AT LEAST 3 courses, starts with soup and there are usually two choices of soup, then stunning salad and sometimes fish, then a truly devine main meal, always beautiful tasty meat and veggies and then ALWAYS ice cream AND another pudding and then if you have any space left cake or biscuits and tea!  It is amazing and I so enjoy these Friday night dinners!  

I grew up in a house (Catholic) where it was either fish on Fridays or a toasted sandwich - end of the week food always delicious but definatly not a few course traditional feast (my DH is Jewish) 

So it is VERY difficult to try and portray our true gratitude for this amazing meal each week. We look so forward to the beautiful Jewish traditions, to the lovely time with no technology, just chatting and sharing the evening. 

So I made my MIL a card, I bought the digi from Mo Manning at‎ and it is called Bekka with Challah- I LOVE this image, look at her beautiful face and she looks so humble and kind.  When I saw this image I knew I would have to do it for someone VERY special!!

This is the completed card, I did it blue and white and coloured with Copic Markers.  I made an easle card.
Completed Shabbos Card

Here is a close-up of the coloured image.
Close up of Image

As always if you have any queries or comments about this post or this project I will be most grateful to receive them.

Till next time keep it Crafty...

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