Thursday, March 17, 2011

Greetings special friends,
Just a little update :)

It has been a long hard road, mom spent a good part of February in hospital where she underwent many tests and scans, it was discovered in the MIR of her spine that she has a hernia on her spine - they were going to operate but then decided against it as she is is not all the mobile and doesn't take part in any sports - so from now on she will have to just watch Rugby and Wrestling and be satisfied with that LOL! 

She is still staying with me, and she is doing a little better, she had a couple of rather nasty seizures in hospital and was put onto medication for that, but as we know heat is not a very good friend of MS and her hospital ward was extremely warm, much like sitting in the sun really!
So I spose we could put down the progression to the heat and the fact that she refused to eat ( I hardly blame her) and just got more and more depressed in hospital.

She was discharged and was so very happy to come home :) She has been much better since she got back home ( to my house) and is eating well again and has not (touch wood) had any more seizures! 

I went to a meeting with her Neurologist - what a stunning woman! And she gave us the news of the treatments available to her. . . there are two available that she can afford, the first is that she is a suitable candidate for a clinical trial of interferons, this was good news until we found out that there is only a 50% chance she will be given the medication and 50% chance she will receive a placebo.  We never have been gamblers so we decided that this was not an option, the Dr also said if she did get the placebo she wouldn't have much of her life left :( with no medication.  The second option is to go onto a drip for 5 days and intravenously receive a very high dose of cortisone, the reason it is given with a drip is that it is such a strong dose that the damage it would do to the recipients insides is terrifying.  So my mom will be hooked up to the drip - and be in hospital - even after much detesting, and receive a whole big fat bunch of good juice!

We have heard and I have researched that this treatment can last for about a year, worst case it will last for 6 months and best case ( but very unlikely in this instance) is that it lasts and lasts and she won't require another one again.  Wouldn't that be amazing - oh we can all dream!  So early April I will be taking my mom off to start she will, as I said be in hospital for 5 days and then for about a week following the treatment her immune system will be be non-existent and she will be susceptible to any bugs, viruses and other assorted and unwanted uglies in the air. So we have to keep this precious lady super safe and cared for during this difficult time!!

I will let you know how the treatment goes but in the mean time please continue to keep her in your prayers - if you have met her you will know why she deserves your prayers and if you haven't just trust me, this is one very special lady!!

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